The Ohio State University Ph.D. Program in Nutrition is an interdisciplinary program established in 1996 among the Colleges of Education and Human Ecology; Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences; Medicine; and Veterinary Medicine. The Ph.D. program is designed to provide a plan of course work as well as experiential learning that will prepare students for the interdisciplinary nature of modern nutrition science, equip students to adapt to the constantly developing and changing methods in quantitative and qualitative research in the nutritional sciences, and provide students with the oral and written communication skills required for the competitive job market.

 Dr. Jeff Firkins
Associate Director
 Dr. Amanda Bird

The Nutrition Ph.D. program has access to four colleges on the Columbus campus; the OARDC Research Center in Wooster, Ohio; more than 15 departments; 50 faculty members; and prominent centers such as the Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Food Innovation Center, making it the only program of its kind in the state of Ohio.